Committed to Quality & Safe Delivery

Delta has one of the lowest damage ratios in the industry. We are consistently a top performer when it comes to the lack of damages for vehicles moved for our OEMs, used car buyers and auctions.

Delta Auto Transport is invested in our trucks, our technology, and most importantly, our clients. We set the bar very high for quality standards and our performance metrics.


Delta spares no expense when it comes to quality. We give our expert staff the best equipment and technology the industry has to offer and they put it to work. In turn, we provide our clients with unmatched service, communication and low damages.

Delta Auto Transport not only moves thousands of units for new car manufacturers, but we remain loyal to our beginnings in the used car sector. We still proudly transport vehicles from dealerships to auctions, auctions to dealerships, auctions to auctions and rental fleets as well. A large majority of the dealerships and auctions that move vehicles with Delta today have been hauling cars with us since our company’s inception.

We are positioned to help distribute units in any direction needed as our main hub is located in central New Jersey, with additional hub locations in Jessup, MD, Atlanta, GA and Vance, AL. All of these terminals have on-site managers to coordinate the flow and distribution of our truck traffic.

Delta is also proud to employ some of the most experienced and professional drivers in the industry.

Our Equipment

The Delta fleet is comprised of specialized equipment that has the capability of transporting 1 to 10 vehicles per load, to any location nationwide.

Quality, safety, and a 100% Soft Tie System set us apart. We offer single, double and 4 car flatbeds, 9 car enclosed and 9/10 car open carriers to help move your inventory where and when you need it. Our fleet is one of the newest in the industry. We have an in-depth maintenance policy with truck service every 7500 miles. Also, we have state-of-the-art computer diagnostic equipment to help get the trucks back on the road in the shortest amount of time possible. We are continually updating the fleet with new Peterbilt trucks using efficient Paccar MX13 engines and the most current Cottrell trailers.

Our Commitment To Safety

Here at Delta Auto Transport we are proud of our commitment to safety; this is reflected by our excellent record. Delta is a family-owned company doing business since 1999 that has always been committed to the safety of our employees and the public. Our overall SMS rating is a 24. (Safety Management System uses a motor carrier’s data from roadside inspections, including all safety-based violations, state-reported crashes, and the Federal Motor Carrier census to quantify performance in the following Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories – BASICs).